A warning for my friends who are rolling/crutching/wobbling on the Cripp Side

There are sooooo many CREEPERS with fake profiles who have "disabled fetishes". They ALWAYS have about one picture of a hot girl/guy in a chair/crutches & no pictures tagged of themselves other than spam. Most of them seem to randomly have german-sounding names and generally they are GROSS old dudes posing as hot girls. When you deny/delete one, you'll get bombarded by about a dozen requests from similar (and fake) profiles.

Be Careful!!! These creepers steal pictures from your profile and put them on other fetish sites catered to those who are waaaay too into mobility aids etc.
I'm posting this because I see that these people add me & I have about 20+ mutual friends in common with them, always super nice and sweet people who may be chatting online with someone they think is a friend who understands ... But could easily be someone dangerous who could be trying to get info about where you live or do your physical therapy, if you live alone, where you shop etc.

My girl, Tamara, posted last year about this & started keeping a list of the names to look out for. There are just too many fake profiles of scary ppl... Before you add someone, check how many pictures they are tagged in, if they have a story behind their injuries, or any pictures besides one of a cast, for example. PROTECT YOURSELVES, PLEASE!!