What’s the problem with Disability Trolls?

One of the biggest and most dangerous problems with the Trolls is predatory men who prey upon unsuspecting women with disabilities on Facebook and other internet social networking sites. Typically, these men pretend be women with similar disabilities. They use this disability guise to “befriend” the target women. The target woman believes she is chatting or corresponding with a woman when in fact she is dealing with a man. This type of situation is a violation of the target woman’s trust. She may divulge person details to the Pretender about her health or other personal details. She may divulge her home address and thus allow an internet stalker to become a physical stalker. The list of potential dangers goes on and on.

The second major problem is the stealing of personal photographs. Many times these stolen photographs are uploaded to Disability Fetish and Disability Porn websites. For example, the Troll becomes a Facebook friend with an attractive woman wheelchair user. The Troll then searches the woman’s photographs and downloads beach or bikini type photographs. These photographs are next uploaded to websites frequented by other Trolls.