Examining at an Actual Chat Session with a Wheelchair Pretender

The following is the transcript of an actual Facebook chat session with a man who was pretending to be a young woman with a spinal cord injury. The Pretender goes by the name Maria Simpson.

MARIA - hey erik

ERIK - hey. I just got back from a bike ride.

ERIK - you there?

MARIA - yeap

ERIK - so I have a theory.

MARIA - about what

ERIK - You are not really a SCI.

MARIA - why do you think so

ERIK - If I tell you, you wil be able to change and fake more people.
I also think you are a guy.

MARIA - why

ERIK - because one of my hobbies is finding Wheelchair Pretenders and Devotees.

MARIA - hobby? oh ok

ERIK - So I can warn other SCI about people like you.

MARIA - im not a devotee

ERIK - you are a Wheelchair Pretender.

MARIA - why should do something like that
im usin a chair because i need it

ERIK - you are full of shit and a guy.

MARIA - i cant change ur idea can i

ERIK - Nope.

MARIA - im totally a quad woman
thats why u added me to yuor groups

ERIK - I added you before I figured out you were a Pretender. It wasn't hard to figure out. Now I have removed you.

MARIA - u can remove me from your groups but u cant undeservedly blame me
waitin for an answer

ERIK - Look. Anyone who fakes having SCI and fools other people has a serious problem.
You need to see a psychologist.

MARIA - u should
just saying to somebody that he is "pretender" without any evidence
is only devotee pretender phobia


The purpose of this post is to provide insight into what it is like to interact with a Wheelchair Pretender. The main point is ask yourself "Is this how a young woman really talks?" "Would a person with an actual spinal cord injury respond this way to be accused of being a faker".