Comments from a female paraplegic

It is valuable to know about the fake profiles. I get them daily. As you noted, it is obvious once you know what to look for and this is important information to share with each other so that we are not talking about our personal lives with someone who we think is a “peer”. Yet I would be careful to not paint this as something all “devos” resort to in general.

Woman and men gets thousands of requests a day from those who are attracted to them for whatever reason, and men and woman will hide their identity and lie about who they say they are on the internet. This is trait of dishonest people who desperately want to get the attention of those they seek and feel that have no other way. I had a request just yesterday from a “devo” who used his real name and location! Yes, he had other girls in wheelchairs as friends, and yes, he asked about my injury. He was actually a handsome guy who if I had not been in a relationship, I may have considered friending.

I guess I am just not a fan of broad brushes on groups of people. Maybe you should do a BlogSpot about decent men and woman who happen to be attracted to a disability for whatever psychological reason and even explore these men and ask them about their lives and their loves. You will find that many of them have long term relationships, marriages and families. While I didn’t even know about this until like 2006, when I look back with this information, I figure I may have dated, or been friends of devos and didn’t even know it. I wouldn’t have changed those relationships and am glad I didn’t fear or pre-judge.

Yes, my photos have been stolen too and I have seen them on these devotee sites. I am just living my life in them and share them publically on my page. To me it appears they are sharing pics of woman who they think are beautiful and if you look at the pics, most are exceptionally so. :)) They do have good taste, I will give them that! Not sure this is anymore “creepy” or different from men enjoying pics of their favorite actress or model and posting them in their fb or on their private computer. Men like to look at beautiful woman who are doing things they find sexy.

Yes, some are distasteful and disgusting. But not all ab porn sites are pretty to look at either (do I really need to go there?) So like I said, taste varies from person to person. Not good to judge all based on the bad behavior of some. If we did, we would never procreate loll!

I get concerned about the only negative reviews on devos as many newbies will be wary and afraid in general and may discriminate and potentially lose the opportunity for a good friend, lover, or soul mate (yes even soul mates share attraction to each other in the first stage). I have several friends who are married to these “devos” and know one guy who professed to me was a devo who was married until his wife died.

I think another girlfriend of mine is dating one based on how they met and other signs, and she is very happy. So let’s not make them all out to be creeps. Two on my gf’s have children with these guys and they are great husbands and dads. I say, whatever rocks their boat and works for them, as long as they don’t hurt anyone and their attraction is not an obsession (like a porn fetish that is all consuming) or the whole focus of their relationship with nothing else going for it (do you really think Melania loves Donald Trump and vice versa for more than his money and her looks?)

The problem is they hide “in the devo closet” as they will face condemnation, anger and rejection if they admit who they are. So it is a catch 22 for them. Think 1950's gay men. They lied and many still our society has a problem understanding nuances and variations of the “norm”.